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Mulch Blowing

Extreme Green Is a Mulch Blower Service company.  We try to make life a little easier by efficiently placing materials and reduce labor-intensive jobs like wheel-barrowing, shoveling, and raking because we can place materials right into place!

We do this in the landscape industry by blowing in mulch, bark into landscape beds both for commercial and residential clients.  We install engineered wood fiber for many park and recreation departments and school districts for many customers in Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas and beyond.

Mulch blown in by Extreme Green Blower Services are highly-skilled operators has a smooth, consistent finish unattainable by any other method of application, and unmatched by other blower truck companies. The overall beauty of your entire landscape will be enhanced by the velvety, manicured finish our operators apply to every project we do. When Extreme Greens crew is finished, your landscape will look its absolute best!

In addition to landscape mulches such as bark, compost and Fertile Mulch, we install playground chips for safety surfaces in playgrounds.

Expect great service!  Our business is still founded on the same values of outstanding customer service through integrity, honesty and hard work. Our company’s goal continues to be to take care of its clients and provide excellent service. We offer our clients the advantage of reduced labor, time and costs by installing their products using Extreme Green Blower Service.


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